Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fresh Air Painting - St. Patricks Church

I brought my new journal to the park yesterday and did a plein air watercolor painting of St. Patricks Church in San Francisco. It was a great day for it, and there were lots of people laying in the grass enjoying the sunshine. 

I've always wanted to do more public sketches or paintings, but felt self conscious about it. A couple of blog posts* I've read lately encouraged me to give it a try. 

At first I felt weird and tried to hide my drawing when people walked by, but when I started painting I couldn't do that and I started to feel more comfortable. 

I just have to remember that people are curious and are most likely not critiquing my painting when they look over :0) 

* Art by Wiley,  Muddle on Through, and Everyday Treats have great posts about drawing/painting in public. The Everday Treats one is particularly inspiring because her son was so amazed with a women painting in the park that he came home wanting to be an artist. 

I hope your week is going well! 


  1. Nice Lily! I did a plein air painting this week, too...but in my backyard! :)

  2. I just love your painting - it's wonderful. And it looked like the perfect day for it too! I'm hoping to get out again in the next couple of weeks - although it's Winter here (tomorrow!) and so it might have to be an indoor cafe-type adventure - which is okay by me too ;) Thanks for the mention here! This post has also encouraged me to want to get out there again :)

    1. Thanks! Oo cafe painting sounds fun! I'll stop by your blog to see what you come up with :0)

  3. looks so professional and awesome!! You sell postcards of it outside the church :)

  4. You should definetely feel confident enough to show passers by you art, these are lovely.
    What make is your travel paint brush & where did you get it from?

    1. Thanks! The one shown in the picture is a Pentel brush I got at Maido in SF you can find it online here. I got the fine one, but they come in different sizes.

      I have another water brush from Blicks that's a Kuretake Waterbrush in Medium. You can find it online here.

      The Pentel brush lets out water a lot more than the Kuretake one. Which is sometimes useful and sometimes not. The Pentel one is easier to get more water into though which is nice.