Thursday, April 26, 2012

Illustration Friday - Heights

This week's Illustration Friday topic is "heights." I had a ton of random ideas in my head but didn't feel like most of them really communicated what I think of when I think of heights. 

At the last minute this morning this idea popped into my head of that second before you drop on a roller coaster. I am not a big fan of heights or roller coasters, so I tried to make the drop look extra terrifying (that's a bird flying below haha) to convey how I feel about the subject. 

I started sketching on my Wacom, thinking that I would do a rough sketch and then paint over it but I liked the look of it and kept going with the sketch. I added the paper background (it has schematics on it!) in to give it some more interest/texture. 

I hope you like it :0)


  1. I love it! There is nothing like that moment when you start to fall...not my favorite either but I force myself to go on the ones that aren't too crazy.

    1. Thanks! I told my boyfriend I might go this summer because he loves them. I just can't ever get to the place where the scariness is fun. Scary movies yes, roller coasters no.