Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lemon Head

I finished my first digital piece! It has lemons in it again, hence the title. 

So, I still have a lot of learning/practicing to do, but it came out better than I expected for my first attempt.

For people who aren't familiar with digital illustration, I have a Wacom tablet,  which has a pen and screen that you draw on. I used Photoshop as my program, which allows you to select different brushes, colors, etc and paint away.  

If you want to see an example of how someone does it, you can watch a video of Alice X. Zhang (who I posted about yesterday) speed painting on YouTube here

And here's the original sketch just for fun:

Oh and in case you're worried I've given up watercolor (hi mom!) that's not the case, I still love watercolor! However, while I'm super excited about this new medium there might be more digital work on the blog than watercolor, we'll see. 

I hope your week is going swell! 

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